How To Lower Triglycerides

Triglycerides are a type of fat that is normally found in our body. When we eat foods containing butter, oil, french fries or even chocolate, our body is retaining the fat and it’s depositing it in form of triglycerides.

What Is The Connection Between Triglycerides And Cholesterol?

Note*: In short, this formula is usually used to calculate total cholesterol:           Total Cholesterol = HDL (good cholesterol) + LDL (bad cholesterol) + VLDL

VLDL is another type of bad cholesterol, and it’s calculated based on triglycerides:

Triglycerides x 20% = VLDL (bad cholesterol)

Another relation between cholesterol and triglycerides it’s given by the liver. If you’re consuming foods that are rich in fats and especially trans fats, the liver will increase the cholesterol production and of course, the numbers in your blood will rise accordingly.

high cholesterol foods

high cholesterol foods

Why Should We Try To Lower Triglycerides?

The answer is simple: because high triglyceride numbers can lead to cardiovascular diseases.

How Can We Lower Triglyceride Values?

There are indeed a few simple measures you can take to ensure you’re helping your body keep those values under control.

1. Control your sugar intake.

Desserts, cookies and stuff. I know, I know… It’s tough. 🙁

But it is a must if you need to to reestablish your healthy condition.

Unlike other cholesterol types, triglycerides are influenced by the quantity of ingested sugar. So, the first step is to cut off those sweets, including: sugar, candies, cookies, jam, sweet drinks, even honey. Everything that can contain added sugars must be avoided.

2. Limit the alcohol intake.

If your triglycerides numbers are borderline high, you should reduce the quantity of alcohol that enters the body. If there are no other health conditions to look over, limit the consumption at just 1 drink/day for women and 2 drinks/day for men at max.

That means:

* 350 ml beer
* 100 ml wine
* 50 ml something stronger 🙂

If the numbers are above the border limits, then you should totally cut off the alcohol all together.

3. Low fat diets.

In order to lower your triglycerides it is best to follow a low fat diet, in which the top percentage of the daily calories coming from fats should be 30%. Such diet should include whole grains, beans, fruits, vegetables, low fat dietary products and lean meat.

4. Physical activity.

Physical activity can help lower your triglycerides up to 40%. 30 minutes of activity up to 3 times/week can really work wonders in that respect. The more active you become, the better.

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To your health! 

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