How To Lower LDL Bad Cholesterol

35059170What is LDL cholesterol and why is it bad for your health?…

Well, it is known as ‘bad’ because those lipoproteins collects in the walls of your blood vessels, causing blockages and leading to many possible heart problems such as heart attacks, or a even stroke.

Here’s what Wikipedia says:

Lipoproteins transfer fats through the bloodstream, then the intracellular (water) to all cells around the body. Lipoproteins are complex particles composed of multiple proteins which transport all fat molecules (lipids) around the body within the water outside cells. They are typically composed of 80-100 proteins/particle (organized by a single ApoB for LDL and the larger particles) and transporting about 3,000 to 6,000 fat molecules/particle. The fats carried include cholesterol, phospholipids, and triglycerides; amounts of each vary considerably.

LDL particles pose a risk for cardiovascular disease when they invade the endothelium and become oxidized, since the oxidized forms are more easily retained by the proteoglycans. A complex set of biochemical reactions regulates the oxidation of LDL particles, chiefly stimulated by presence of necrotic cell debris and free radicals in the endothelium. Increasing concentrations of LDL particles are strongly associated with increasing amounts of atherosclerosis within the walls of arteries over time, eventually resulting in sudden plaque ruptures and triggering clots within the artery opening, or a narrowing or closing of the opening, i.e.cardiovascular disease, stroke, and other vascular disease complications.”

If your LDL levels are high that means an increased risk for your heart as WebMd also shows. Test need to be taken and if there if those numbers aren’t good, necessary measures are a must to be taken into consideration.

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Eat More Cholesterol Lowering Foods

Obesity have shown that increase the risk for high cholesterol levels and if you need to lose weight but somehow avoided that, not being able to commit to it until now – it’s no longer a problem regarding your aspect. Your health & life expectancy are more important right now!

Take the necessary measures losing that extra- weight, fixing your diet, incorporating more cholesterol lowering foods such as: avocados, green tea, nuts, whole grains, fish that are rich in omega -3 fatty acids, olive oil, soy, beans, fruits like apples & pears rich in pectin or citrus as well can help.

Don’t forget about healthy vegetables, and… just to remain on the fun side – in moderate quantities, even red vine and dark chocolate seem to be helping in that direction. 🙂

Fastest Way To Lower LDL/ Bad Cholesterol Level

Aside from improving your lifestyle by healthy eating habits, more exercising and managing stress – using cholesterol reducing supplements may be the fastest way to achieve your desired results and restore those lower cholesterol numbers.

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Always strive to choose natural supplements that help your body by adding more healthy, organic nutrients and plant extracts that ensure a more fortified organism and much rapid results with lower efforts from your part.

Of course, certain investment has to be made – but the same will be if you’re going to visit hospitals, not to mention the added pain, suffering, family torment and lots of stressful moments that can be avoided.

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CholesLo – A Natural Approach To Reduce Your LDL Levels

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